Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sentani Bodyart

They call themselves Sentani People but they don't belong to any tribe. They all are from different places: some are from Biak islands, some are from Serui.  But they live along the shores of Sentani lake. Nearby is the capital of Western Papua - Jayapura. It is a modern city with hotels, bars and internet cafes. So the youth here is up-to-date as well. They go to churches, study in colleges, hang out with friends, use facebook.

Though the reverse side of the coin is that they still keep their customs and traditions. And one of such traditions is bodyart that is an integral part of any holiday and ceremony.

Each tribe of Papua has their unique style. Santani people use three colors - black, white and red and only natural paints all the ingredients of which can be found right there in the region. Red color they get from buah merah fruit, white - from corals and seashells, black - from coal. 

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