Saturday, December 24, 2011

What Does Prince of Wales Do In NZ?

New Zealand is the country of powerful geysers, colorful lakes and breathtaking landscapes. No wonder it was chosen for the "Lord of the Rings" setting.

Geyser "Prince of Wales" is one of the biggest geysers in the world, every 20 minutes it shoots hot water at the height of 20 meters.

Despite being very exciting performance it stinks so badly that it's a risk to throw up. It's interesting what Prince of Wales thinks about this little fact?

Hot springs.

There are also lakes of unearthly beauty.

Mud bath, anyone?

Small Maori show. Maori are native New Zealand people, who lived here before the Europeans arrived.

There are lakes of the most unexpected colors.

Water is boiling in this lake.


Rabbit hole right by the highway.

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