Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yemen - The Country You Dream To Go Back To (part 3)

And this is new Al-Saleh Mosque. Built in Sana'a just 2 years ago it has already become the major sightseeing of the country. It is named after president Ali Abdullah Saleh who paid for all the building expenses. This is, by the way, about 60 million dollars.
It is equipped with all the modern devices: sprinkler and security systems, air conditioners, audio and video devices. What is interesting, it's not only the faithful who are allowed to visit the mosque but also everyone who wants to do this (as an act of getting closer to the Islamic culture).
Pictured: a library wing being carefully cleaned after the prayer.

The main hall. A man is praying on the right of the picture. Estimate the size of the building.

A group of praying women on the floor.
The columns of the main hall. Pay attention to the painting. It covers everything.

A chandelier in one of the corridors.

The main dome from the inside.

A wall mosaic.

A wall ornament with quotes from Qur'an.

An arc of the main hall.

A box for high-ranking persons' women.

One of the corridors.

A room for ablution.

Some views from the outside. Before the storm.

The mosque in the night light.

Lanes of Yemen. Thula city.


Al-Hajjarah village.

Sana'a in the evening.

A small portion of humor pictures of Yemen and its people.

The Yemeni police are so tough that prefer using machine guns only.

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