Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yemen Ready To Amaze (part2)

Imam's palace Dar Al-Hajar. The date of its construction is unknown, but it is considered to be built in pre-Islamic times.

Such five keeps surround the palace.

Today all these towers are half-destroyed.

The palace is built on a high hill.

Tourists attract children's attention a lot.

Despite half-destroyed condition all the village houses are inhabited.

The Turkish invasion completely destroyed the palace, only in 1786 it was rebuilt and in 1930 became Imam's residence.

Menacing guard.

One can observe village houses from the palace's roof.

The palace has got 7 floors, 35 rooms and is a museum today.

It's a fridge. Wind constantly blows through the holes and keeps the cold.

Let's move form Sanaa to the open spaces of Yemen.

One can come across such constructions along the road. Travellers used to take rest here, it was like an analogue of modern Motels.

In remote villages the most popular transport is donkey.

Broken glass is used for protection.

Unfortunately people don't care much about ecology, garbage is scattered everywhere.

People are very hospitable. This man gladly demonstrates domestic camels.

Boy, wearing national clothes, with a jambia (curved dagger) in his belt.

Mountain village Hababa.

This stone pool is a rainwater depository.

People have been using it for already  several hundred years.

The village impresses with its medieval atmosphere.

Serious warrior.

People are very sociable.

Mountain village Thula.

Like many other Yemen villages this one also used to be a stronghold surrounded by the stone wall.

This village also has its rain water storage.

Traditional Yemen architecture.

Thin road threads that wind among the mountains.

Yemen cafe.

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