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Bike Trip Over Marocco

Atlas mountain range in Morocco stretches for 700 kilometers and reaches 4165 meters in its highest point - mountain of Toubkal. A perfect place for breathtaking bike trips.

View from the foot of the mountains.

Some hills have such an inclination that bike wheels start to skid instead of gripping the surface.

But the climbs are in any case wonderful as they conceal new marvellous views.

It is very pleasant to ride between two elements: boundless desert and mountains that reach the sky.

These picturesque tussocks which brighten up the desert are in fact spiny bushes which strive to prick a heedless traveller.

The pass in front is 2250 meters high.

On the very top of the pass no one will miss a chance to have some rest.

Berber wayfarer walked down from the mountains and kept the travellers company.

Brave bikers!

Better part begins - the descent.

However, it is impossible to relax on the way back since one has to be entirely concentrated to control loaded bike.

Somewhere at the foot one can see the huts of some Berber village.

One can come across a car very rarely on this road. The drivers encounter problems on such paths as it is very hard to pass one another.

Complicated nature processes bare themselves.

Time to have some rest.

Bewitching serpantine road.

Sometimes the slopes seem to be covered with asphalt.

Through a gap in a slope one can observe a spacious plateau.

Donkeys followed the bikers to a great spot for a picture and stopped to get captured.

Mysterious Moroccan trees train one's imagination.

This one has an umbrella.

Springs are very clean, the water is cold and tasty.

Fantasy of the nature has no limits.

After hot working day it is a great pleasure to take some rest under a tree.

Moroccan conifers are studded with cones.

One can come across such big ones.

Sun rays of the early morning seize the air.

Such giant trees are several hundred years old and it is not interesting for them to be squeezed by the young ones - they proudly rise above the others and creak with their joints.

Coming up to the top of a following pass you never know what landscape is waiting for you next.

Such open space view this time.

You may come across such settlements along the road. Some even have apricot gardens.

Since no one thought about this stream when making the road it has to find its way itself. There are a lot of such naughty stream running across the roads.

Stone is the main building material.

Suddenly the color of the road changes.

Sometimes crossing streams are in a bad mood and then they can do such harm.

Abundance of red color.

The color of houses changed with the color of building material.

There is danger to fall on your back trying to find the top of such giant trees in the sky.

Caterpillar trains crossing!

The glades are clear and green.

Lonely tree on the edge of a steep is a shelter for a tired traveller.

These landscapes remind of Peter Jackson's Pandora.

The scale of this large world can be learnt only in comparison with a man.

Bushes crossing!

Rivers are not on friendly terms with roads.

Donkeys are the most popular land transport.

Even if you are a spike you have the right to have a flower.

Midle Atlas range is overcome.

After the mountains of Middle Atlas a large plateau "l'Arid" welcomes the travellers to explore it.

The plateau is covered with little bushes.

Canyon of a river forces to make a loop.

Farmers' huts.

Tea is an integral part of any meal. If you don't have your own kettle you go to your neighbors to take some boiling water. Cats observe everything.

There are not many cars on the roads so the towns look very cosy.

Explainig a vendor what you need.

Houses destroyed during rainy period.

Like in other towns of the country the main vehicles are either pick-ups or trucks.

The sun is so bright that local women clearly see the road through the fabric.

This is a mosque garden - probably the biggest accumulation of trees in the town.

Storks share living space with talking devices.

Town of Zaida is full of retro cars and trucks. Police officers drive new jeeps.

Town hotel.

Heading towards the range of High Atlas mountains.

Bridge supports of once wooden bridge.

New bridge was built near the old one and now one can drive goats and sheep along it, occupying both lines.

New road is fine.

Such marvellous natural phenomena one can come across along the road.

The main loading rule is: "Hey, load till there is room".

Cosy town at the foot of the range.

Like in other trading streets in Morocco the sidewalks are occupied by vendors so pedestrians have to share the road with veicles. Everyone got used to it and there are no conflicts.

Street with cafes.

Mouth-watering chicken.

The outskirts of the town look absolutely deserted.

Passing the ruins of some ancient stronghold.

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