Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yemen - The Country You Dream To Go Back To (part 2)

The Haraz mountains.

The sands of Yemen.

Some more views of Yemen.

And this is the city of Taiz - a huge anthill with half a million population. It is located on the main highway between Sana'a and Aden, and you can imagine the quantity of vehicles driving through it every day.
The city itself is very ancient (well, Yemen seems not to have any other ones). The first mention of Taiz is dated to 1173. 

With all this bustle of the city life, the only thing that makes you wish to visit it is its old mosques built during the time when the Rasulids ruled the country (1229-1454).

The general view of one of the four Rasulid mosques - Al Ashrafiyyah Mosque. It was built during two periods of time - 1295-1297 and 1376-1400. Now it's being restored.

Doors managed to be saved since the old times.

The view from the window of the mosque.

A pillar.

A piece of fretwork.

The main hall is being restored.

The painting of the dome from the inside.

The imam near the doors of the mosque.

Another ancient mosque of Taiz - Al Mutabiyya Mosque.

A yard of the old part of Taiz.

Near Al-Ashrafia Mosque.

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