Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Large-Scale Views Of The USA

Arches National Park in Utah is one of U.S. National Parks. It's known for preserving more than 2000 natural sandstone arches.

Some stones seem to hang on a thread.

For example the famous Balanced Rock of the size of 3 buses.

The Three Gossips

The Organ.

Formerly, here used to be 2 huge arks.


The Delicate Arch is the most famous in the park.

And here is Hoover Dam, also known as Boulder Dam. It was built 80 years ago and without it, for example, Las Vegas would sink in the dark.

For $59 you can lease a helicopter and fly over the dam.

A monument to the builders of the dam.

Williams town became the prototype for Radiator-Springs in "Cars" cartoon.

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