Friday, December 2, 2011

10 Most Beautiful Places for Water Lovers

Thinking about vacation and you are a water lover? You love water or not but nothing can beat a quiet peaceful place surrounded by water. It is not only a source of relaxation but a great source of fun too when mixed with bathing, diving, canoeing and surfing etc.
For those looking for beautiful water places, below is the list of 10 most beautiful water places.

Boracay Island, Philippines
Beauty of Philippines rests in Boracay islands. Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards several times. Boracay was awarded in the “Travelers’ Choice 2011″ by Trip Advisor as the second best beach in the world out of 25 beaches
Golden Horn, Brac Island – Croatia
Golden Horn

If you are a true water lover, this picture would be mouth watering for you. Trust me I’m not that much of a water place fan but OH MY GOD THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!
William Bay, Western Australia
William -Bay-Western-Australia
Greens pool and Elephant rocks are the real beauty of this Bay. The view is amazing, water is amazing, environment is amazing, and when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING!
The Pearl Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou Valley, China
It is famous for its numerous multi-level waterfalls, rich lakes, and snow-capped peaks. Its altitude ranges from 2,000 m to 4,500 m. For a water lover, it’s a dream to visit this place.
Pangong Tso Lake in the Himalayas
It is an endorheic lake in the Himalayas positioned at a height of about 14,270 ft. It is 134 km long and extends from India to Tibet. 60% of the lake lies in China. During winter the lake freezes completely, regardless of being saline water
Lower Lewis River Falls USA
One of the most remarkable place to visit if you’re a water place maniac. Take a vacation, visit these falls, you could do fishing or just sit nearby the river and enjoy.
Soneva Fushi, Maldives
Probably one of the most yummy water place to visit. Sit on the beach, listen to the sound of water waves and win free Goosebumps.
Etretat, Normandy, France
Basically a tourist and a farming town. It is best known for its cliffs and water views.
Rocky Village, Vernazza, Italy
One word : AWESOME. Two words : EPIC VIEW. Three words : MUST BE HEAVEN.
Porto Katsiki, Lefkada Island, Greece
Porto Katsiki-Lefkada Island-Greece
A very famous and photogenic island consisting of a huge cliff with a beautiful beach.

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