Thursday, December 1, 2011

Samurai Castle Matsue

Samurai Castle 1

Today our destination is a real Samurai Castle!
As the main building material of that time was wood such constructions were always in danger of fire. Matsue Castle was built after the Japanese feudal wars so it never was used during battles as a defensive base though it had been built exactly with this purpose.

Matsue Castle is one of those few preserved castles on the territory of Japan. It is considered to be the second in size, the third in height (30m) and the sixth in the list of the oldest castles. It was built without a single nail!

Today in the castle is a museum of Samurai weapons.
Samurai Castle 3

Some elements of the building have already been replaced by new ones, and the preseved oriinal ones are collected here.

Samurai Castle 5

The castle is used as a study guide for achitects - students who study its construction by drawings and models.

Samurai Castle 7

Samurai Castle 8
Matsue city panoramas

Samurai Castle 9
There are 6 storeys in the castle.

Samurai Castle 10
And a viewing point on the top.

Samurai Castle 11
View of Matsue city.

Samurai Castle 12

Samurai Castle 13
The castle is surrounded by a moat where one can sail by boat.

And on the shore, in absolute serenity, Samurais descendants are sitting.

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