Saturday, December 3, 2011

Swim Together With Shark-Rays

Swimming with dolphins is not a thing to surprise you anymore, isn't it? But what about swimming with a stock of shark-rays? That's the pleasure you can pay for and try in the Cayman Islands.

Such a piratic ship is the first adventure...

Our destination is the Cayman capital - George town. And this is the local White House. It's a former British colony, so everything is neat, beautiful, but the driving, as it's supposed to be, left-hand. 

You won't be thinking how to entertain yourself. Day spent on the water gives much pleasure. One excursion costs $40 for a person, but soon you understand that in fact it might cost 100 times more...

The open waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The reef boundary. Unreal turquoise color of the sea...

Cruise liners

A guy has caught a shark-ray, would you dare?

Sweet kiss...

Everyone have been brought here, water is knee-high, and 20-50 shark-rays are swimming around, catch any you like ...

Unusual massage.
By the feel shark-rays are like dolphins below, and skin above is a bit tough.

Cayman numbers

Underwater world.

Hovering like a bird...

The saddest fish ever.

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