Saturday, December 3, 2011

Top 5 Antique Places In The World

5. Teotihuacán

At number one is Teotihuacán located on the bay of Mexico. There are a set of pyramid design like structures that are known locally as the Teotihuacán. History has it that the structure was built through the pre-Columbia age. This amazing place is made up of residential houses, murals as well as pyramids. It is actually believed that the place was a city to over 100,000 people.
4. Karnak Temple

Number two on the list is Karnak temple that is situated neat Luxor, Egypt. The construction is breath taking and one wonders how the early generation managed to build such mega structures with perfection without the aid of computer technology. It is a story of how heavily modern architectural design has borrowed from the past. Historians believe that the temple was constructed somewhere around the 16th century. It tells the story the advancement of Thebes.
3. Bagan Temples and Pagodas

Sitting comfortably at number three is Bagan Temple and Pagodas. Whereas it lies in ruins today, it is a story of genius. It is situated in Burma as the original city of Baga. It is believed to have been the epicenter of early civilization. Presently, a majority of temples and Pagoda are in deplorable conditions and are in dire need of urgent repair lest they fall down. This has been brought particularly by the refusal of the Burma military to have the temples be recognized as part of the world heritage site.
2. Forbidden City

Number four on the list is Forbidden City which is located in Beijing China. Many visitors to Beijing, China frequent this place to see what it has to offer. The city came into existence in the 1400s. Presently, there is not much left of the city but a number of buildings that approximate to 980 sited on an area of 7.8 million square foot. A majority of the buildings are under the management of Palace Museum; nevertheless, there are those which are still being utilized by the Chinese government. When walking through the city, one cannot but help notice the magnificent artwork that was gathered through the entire period of Quing and Ming reigns. In addition, the city is a story of Chinese culture.
1. Angkor Wat

At number five is Angkor Wat which is situated in Cambodia and was for many decades the capital city of Cambodia. Even though the place has been abandoned, it still holds a significance value in terms of religion to Cambodians. Historians believe that it was built around the 12th century by the then King Surtavarman II. Its image constitutes part of the Cambodian National flag.

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