Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Crazy House" To Visit In Dalat

This "Crazy House" can be visited in Dalat, it was built by a daugther of Ho Chi Minh's successor. 

You can stay in the rooms of the house for $30-60 per night.

There lived a girl who once decided to go to the Soviet Union to study where she obviously went mad and when returned to Vietnam she started building her "Moon House" that people began to call "Crazy House".

Now madam - architect sometimes sits at the entry of the house, sells tickets to her creation and never minds taking to visitors.

The architecture resembles "Alice in the Wonderland" style, it's not simple to describe.

There are caves here, giant spider nets made of wires, concrete "tree trunks", one nude statue, a concrete giraffe with a built-in tearoom inside etc.

You'll certainly be impressed by the Crazy House.

The hotel is not finished and what will come to its designer's mind we can only guess...

She's not Gaudi, of course, but she has made the main sight to visit in Dalat.
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