Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zhouzhuang - Chinese Venice

Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangsu province, China
From the snowy real Venice we move to another Venice... in China.
This is the city that is often also called "Venice" ...

Zhouzhang - a city located 100 km from Shanghai and 30 km from Suzhou, its history began in 700s AD. It's the oldest Chinese city on water. The historic centre of Zhouzhang now is a popular place among Chinese tourists, however foreigners can rarely be met here.

Local citizens are very cheerful.

You may buy a turtle and make soup...

Chengxu Temple. It was built in 1086-1093 under the rule of the Song dynasty.

Kingdom of the gold fish.

Very delicious local fried meat - "Wansan pig’s upper leg". On the right above - diplomas and awards. On the left the TV is showing the video about this very culinary pearl of Zhouzhuang.

Such an interesting joyful socialistic China...
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