Saturday, December 3, 2011

Petra By Night

Back again we are in wonderful Petra. But today we'll tell you about a night show that is reguarly held in Petra.
The most famous construction of Petra - the treasure house that meets all tourists who come out of the kilometer-long canyon leading from the entry to the ancient city ...

This is how it looks in the daylight. Pay attention to the man to feel the dimensions...

At night it's dark here, and inside the canyon such paper boxes with candles are placed.

And thus they light up all the canyon more than for one kilometer long!

If there are no tourists around, you will feel that all this is unreal.

Occasionally the road is paved.

And here's the treasury.

And so many stars in the sky.

Here is the place where many tourists will come soon and be treated with tea. Some guy will be playing the ancient bedouin instrument, and people will be discussing how unique Petra is.

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